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A Spectrum of Investments

An effectively structured portfolio is more than a collection of investments. It is a purposeful combination of complementary strategies that uses diversification to contain risks to appropriate levels while increasing the probability of achieving clients' long-term goals despite volatility in financial markets. Indeed, volatile markets create opportunities for diversified well-managed portfolios. True diversification depends not only on the number and range of financial instruments within a portfolio, but more importantly on the degree to which those instruments perform independently of each other under varying market conditions.

At M.D. Sass, we have earned a reputation as leading experts in alternative investment strategies that perform largely independently of the stock and bond markets. We believe such strategies should comprise a significant percentage of assets in an efficiently diversified portfolio. In combination with our stock, bond and cash management strategies, our alternative investments provide clients with unique uncorrelated opportunities to realize superior returns and manage risks in all types of economic and financial environments.

Each of our traditional and alternative strategies is available to clients through specialized funds or on a stand-alone basis. However, clients frequently rely on our proven ability to construct portfolios that blend several strategies to meet their broader investment needs. We work closely with such clients and their advisors to evaluate their investment needs and objectives, using proprietary quantitative modeling tools to determine the specific asset allocation most likely to achieve their goals. By avoiding risky leveraged strategies and making appropriate use of our alternative investment strategies, we seek to optimize the risk/reward relationships and diversification of portfolios to appropriately reflect each client's investment profile.

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