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Investment Strategies: Equities

[ Equity Income Plus ]

Utilizing covered call option writing against dividend paying large and mid-cap equities. A covered call option writing equity strategy that emphasizes current income and appreciation while emphasizing downside protection.


To generate positive cash flow from dividend income and covered call option proceeds and long-term capital appreciation.

Investment Strategy

  • Positive cash flow investment strategy with less downside risk than long-only equities
  • A portfolio of high quality large capitalization stocks with attractive dividend yields and stable earnings
  • Supplement income generation with capital appreciation while emphasizing on downside protection
  • The M.D. Sass Edge

  • Value-oriented active equity portfolio management through all types of markets
  • Intensive focus on proprietary in-depth research
  • Combination of non-traditional analytical skills, backgrounds and extensive experience
  • Decades of experience managing portfolios utilizing covered calls and puts to control risk

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